Key Petrochemical Trends
to Watch
2020 was a Wild Ride

China self-sufficiency
is accelerating

  • Which exporters to China are likely to lose market position?
  • Between which regions or countries will trade diminish?
  • Will China become less reliant on the external world?

Low fuel demand throwing companies for a loop

  • Who might be impacted the most?
  • Which oil companies/refineries are
    building petrochemical assets?
  • Which petrochemical companies
    might integrate further downstream?

New technology use picking
up speed

  • How might capacity investment shift to low-cost, large demand markets?
  • Where might we see CTC technology emerging?
  • How might this impact trade flows?

Markets are becoming
more protectionist

  • Which countries are applying ADD/Tariffs?
  • How might this impact the cost of shipping chemicals?
  • What does this mean for exporters?
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